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Video Surveillance

Law enforcement won’t hesitate to tell you that “there is NO evidence like Video Evidence”. Its an import aspect of today’s society. With the increase in video surveillance systems there are more events caught on surveillance and security cameras then ever before.

"Retail surveillance cameras are doing more than just capturing shoplifters as authorities turn to businesses who keep a digital eye on their storefronts." Read More-ABC-News

View your property on your Phone:
Viewing your property live has never been easier. Our iPhone and android app  integrates with our DVRs so you can easily view your cameras on the go. Once we supply and install your system we set up your phone so you can easily access your cameras live video feed from your iPhone or android mobile phone.


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Security officers love our systems. We devise a system with central command centers in mind.

We will work with your staff to understand your concerns and give you the optimum coverage in those areas.

Workplace Investigations:
Know what your employees are doing when you are not on location. Keep productivity at a peek level !


People do not always do what is expected but they will do what is inspected.