Complete Security
Video Surveillance

Law enforcement won’t hesitate to tell you that “there is NO evidence like Video Evidence”. Its an import aspect of today’s society. With the increase in video surveillance systems there are more events caught on surveillance and security cameras then ever before.

View your property on your Phone:
Viewing your property live has never been easier. Our iPhone app seamlessly integrates with our DVRs so you can easily view your cameras on the go. Our android app works great also. Once we supply and install your system we set up your phone so you can easily access your cameras live video feed from your iPhone or android mobile phone.


License Links

  1. Replacement Licenses
  2. License Fees
  3. Division of Licensing Contact Information
  4. Change of Address: Concealed Carry, Security, and P.I.

Tenant Screening:
National criminal and civil records checks, promptly completely. These cover evictions, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, misdemeanors, felonies, and addresses.

Applicant Screening:
National criminal and civil records checks.
Pre employment personality dimensions inventory.

Workplace Investigations:
Including background, internal (undercover), theft, workers’ compensation, accidents, sexual and other harassment, threats, violence, safety, policy adherence, supervisory effectiveness, waste, morale.

Legal Investigations:
Criminal, accident, harassment and discrimination.